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Trade your assets, find deals around you, send and receive real-time, pay negligible flat fees, and so much more. DTrax does everything you wanted to do with your crypto!

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Escrow Services

In a contract with another party? Paying in Crypto? Let us handle the Escrow. Providing fully customised escrow services with crypto assets.

  • Multiple crypto assets available for escrow
  • Customisation of escrow factors.
  • Instant support in case of dispute.
  • Low Escrow fees.
  • User reviews available for better reliability.

Instant Payments

Send/Receive payments in crypto assets instantly, without waiting for the confirmations, or set Recurring payments and never remember again! We take the holding of the funds and then let you send it anywhere within the system real-time. You an send the smallest amounts at affordable fees now!

  • Instant 'Zero-fee' transactions within the DTrax network.
  • Minimal real-time network fees on withdrawals.
  • Installments/Recurring payments available.
  • Multiple currency support.
  • No minimum amount transfer limit inside the DTrax network.

Trading Exchange

What do you see missing in the crypto exchange you're using? These features of DTrax make it the exchange you always wanted!

  • Lowest trading fees.
  • A lot of crypto assets added every week to trade.
  • Everything included in a tiny app that will add an extra layer of security and won't eat up your phone's space.
  • Easy and free transfer of balance between multiple users.

Merchant Support

If you want to expand your business scope for next generation payments, start accepting crypto assets now! We let you setup your crypto payments

  • Merchant Web Portal to manage payments and services.
  • Pay With QR Code services and printable stickers.
  • Facility to convert Crypto to Fiat on receiving.
  • Selectable currency support.
  • Greater transfer limits.

Crypto Deals

Find Buyers/Sellers around you for your favourite crypto assets. Region based deals are available on the app.

  • Auto detects your region.
  • Options to advertise deals for your area, city, state.
  • Chat real-time with your buyer/seller on the app.
  • Convert the deal into an escrow with us.

What makes it everything you need

  • Stay Anonymous

    We don't demand any of your public identities. Crypto, as it should be.

  • Theft Protection

    Login to the web portal and logout of all your devices in case of a theft.

  • Free Transactions

    No transaction fees inside the DTrax environment. Minimum withdrawal fees.

  • A Perfect Wallet

    All the functions you want with your cryptocash wallet, in the most user friendly way.

  • Reliable Policies

    All the features are designed in a way you will never get stuck clueless inside the app.

  • 24 x 7 Support

    Still facing issues, or did we mess something up? We're here to resolve them for you.